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Book Review

"A Taste of Freedom"

Passover for the Allergy-Prone Jews with Discerning Tastebuds

by Amy Tarshis

Why is this Passover cookbook different from all others? Because it caters specifically to individuals with food allergies. In her book "A Taste of Freedom -- Recipes for Passover (or any time) without wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, and fish", Tamar Warga has compiled an invaluable collection of recipes and suggestions for individuals living with food allergies. All of the recipes are easy to make using ingredients that speak to those who seek to avoid eggs, wheat, nuts, dairy, and fish. It is the first Passover cookbook of it's kind as it addresses the needs of those who observe Passover and also have a variety of food allergies.

Preparing meals for Passover can be a stressful experience in and of itself but preparing those meals while addressing the needs of those that adhere to highly restrictive diets can really give a person that "ol' Egyptian feeling!"  Since Passover foods may not contain any leavened ingredients (a.k.a. "chometz"), many Passover recipes call for eggs and nuts as substitutes. In many cases allergic reactions to certain types of food can be life-threatening.

Thankfully,  "A Taste of Freedom" puts the fun back into cooking within these dietary guidelines. As a pediatric feeding therapist and mother of food allergic children, Tamar Warga writes from personal experience. When her twin boys were diagnosed with multiple food allergies, the author set out to develop recipes utilizing ingredients from their limited list of "allowable" foods. After talking to Doctors, Nutritionists and other people with food allergies, she soon became an "expert by default" and became savvy about identifying ingredients that seemed to trigger the itching and rashes that would frequently appear on her twins' faces.

With each year, she began to develop an expanding repertoire of "allowable foods" creating recipes such as a Hearty Beef Stew (a barley- and bean- free Cholent), Wine-Infused Poached Pears and a decadent Fudge-in-the-Middle Ice Cream Cake (all included in her book). Through trial and error, the author learned how to prepare foods that the rest of the family could enjoy as well. Soon she realized that there are many others within the Jewish community that could benefit from her experiences and vast resources. Her book, "A Taste of Freedom”  is the only kosher for Passover food allergy cookbook on the market. It is available by contacting the author at allergicmom@netscape.net. If Tamar Warga has her way, the freedom of Passover will be especially liberating.




Amy Tarshis is a food/lifestyle writer with a focus on identifying new

trends in upscale kosher food. She has written for a variety of

guidebooks and magazines including publications for the prestigious

James Beard Foundation, San Francisco's Nob Hill Gazette, PAPER

magazine and is a contributing writer for the Long Island Jewish World.